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30 years in the Tourism , Hospitality and Events Industry Service

  • Hotels &resorts operation, and entertainment centers
  • Destination Management
  • Organizing temporary and continuous conferences and exhibitions
  • Arranging meetings domestic & internationally
  • Logistics Services
  • Training and qualifying professionals in the events industry
  • Advertisement, Media, Copyrighting and Multimedia
  • Organizing tours, activities and itineraries for select upper-class clientele and VIPs
  • Tourism tours & incentive travel
  • Presentations and Multimedia
  • Destination management, incentive travel and unique tourism tours

WE Proud Serving more than 500000 guests in the hospitality sector.

A Saudi limited liability company based in the city of Jeddah with branches and local and international partnerships at a distinctive qualitative level.

  • Media campaigns & event documentation
  • Planning and executing awards ceremonies
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements
  • Developing international economic ties
  • Full events Marketing services
  • Hosting international events
  • Organizing international relations events
  • Conducting workshops
  • Technical support
  • Training and Qualifying
  • Activities and itineraries for select upper class clientele
In the last 30 years we have created strong ties in tourism, hospitality and events with robust working relationships with government bodies and event creators and planners. To be a local company with international standards, an Arabian identity and a lively inspiring spirit.


We are more than happy to invite you to view our platform which stems and part of 30 years of accumulated experience to confirm the of initials in sector and as a message we would gladly present to you and with a handshake to document the relationship with you wherever you are and in any village in the small world, through which we oversee your cooperation in the Hospitality, tourism, events industry that we passionately consider together. In a country size like Saudi Arabia with new vision 2030, there are numerous commercial, industrial, and service activities, and various outlets for these activities; to enrich the economic mobility of the local and global community at all levels. Hospitality, tourism, events, and support services are the top priorities of the country and the private sector as well. and United Alpha Business Center has placed great emphasis on this sector  Tourism and events have become an industry established on a scientific basis and high-end products within an atmosphere of commendable competition, to give another dimension to what concerns the development of their associated services, facilities, and activities. Given that the hospitality, conferences and events sector is correctly regarded as a critical pillar of the local tourism service We look forward to finding real Opportunities to be at the desired level of professionalism, creativity, and sustainability.


test Saeed Ali Assiri
test Ali Abdullah Al-Nazeh

Our Mission

Achieve the highest quality rates in the hospitality services and the tourism and events industry through service products commensurate with the economic capabilities of the consumer and the business partners.

Our Vision

To Become a national company with global attributes to enhance the tourism, service and marketing product, and establish professional and impactful events and meetings.

Our Objectives

Cover the majority of the Saudi Arabia and Gulf cities through the Saudi Vision 2030, managed by a national workforce, while expanding the business base for a number of influential brands and diversifying partnerships & Logistics services.


Ownership, investment, management and operation of hotels, resorts and entertainment centers . establishment of temporary and permanent exhibitions and events, in addition to catering , tourist services, tourism transportation , luxury transportation, real estate services , training, import services, marketing for others, advertising and media.

- Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in 2003.

- The first international tourism marketing on behalf of the Kingdom - from the Assir Region in 1996, while supervising its implementation. Dubai ATM.

- The First Saudi Tourism Market in 2003 in Jeddah, while supervising the implementation (Currently known as Saudi Travel & Tourism Investment Market “STTIM”).

- The First Gulf Investment and Tourism Forum “GITOF” in 2006 in Bahrain, while supervising its implementation.

- The First Gulf Tourism & Community Forum in Medina in 2008, while supervising and implementing it.

- Call for the establishment of the first Saudi Tourism Chamber in 1998 in Riyadh.

- Call the Excellences Arab Ministers of Tourism to present the tourism experiences of their countries in the Kingdom in 1998 (Jeddah).

- The First Gulf Investment and Tourism Forum “GITOF” in 2006 in Bahrain, while supervising its implementation.

- Hold various meetings with the decision-makers of the aviation authorities in the GCC states to open their airspace for the Gulf aviation to the tourism cities in the Kingdom in 2003-2008.

- Call for the establishment of the Saudi and Gulf Advanced Rest Houses Company in 2006.

- Call for the establishment of a railway between the GCC states in 2006-2008.

- Initiate the establishment of a satellite channel for Gulf tourism in 2006 (Manama – Dubai), but the project was suspended.

- General supervision of the first website for the Gulf Intraregional Tourism service in 2004 – 2012.

- First Saudi Tourism Forum in 2003.

- First Gulf Investment and Tourism Forum in 2006 Bahrain.

- Second Gulf Investment and Tourism Forum in jeddah 2008.

- Presidency of the delegation participating in the first tourist marketing program outside the Kingdom 1997.

- Presidency of the Organizing Committee of the First Saudi Tourism Forum in Jeddah, under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, may God bless him, in 2003 AH.

- Presidency of Assir region’s delegation, and served as the General Supervisor of the region’s pavilion in the first Saudi Tourism Forum - Jeddah 2003.

- Presidency of the Organizing Committee for the meeting between the Governors Prince and the tourism sector organized by the Tourism Committee at the Chamber, under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Emir of the region.

- Presidency of the Organizing Committee of the First Gulf Tourism and Investment “GITOF” Forum in 2006 (Manama) and in 2008 (Jeddah).

- General Supervisor of the First Gulf Investment and Tourism Forum in 2008 – Medina - Its idea and implementation.

- Membership of the Founding Committee of the Prince Sultan College for Tourism and Management.

- Presidency of the Organizing Committee for the first collective wedding in Assir region, under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Emir of Assir region (under the slogan “100 weddings each year”), organized by the Tourism Committee.

- Call for the classification of restaurants in the Jeddah Province, and the creation of a recognition award in 1998.

- Organization of the first meeting between the tourism colleges and institutes in the GCC states… Manama in 2006 – 2007.

- Holding a meeting between the conferences and exhibitions’ organization companies in the GCC stats… Manama in 2005 – 2008.

- The Company’s branch in the tourism sector won the best local hotel award (Avail Grand Hotel and Suites ) from the Tourism Excellence Awards 2010

- The Company was nominated for the best cost-effective company in the events for the Middle East events awards.

- The Company won as one of the 100 fastest growing company within the Kingdom in 2011 from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority.

- The Company won the Saudi Tourism Excellence Award 2011 for the best tourist attraction in the Kingdom (Antique Cars Carnival).

- Serving more than 300 thousand guests in the hospitality sector.

- Serving more than 200 thousand customers in the luxury transportation.

- Satisfaction from the service of the tourism and hospitality sector in the Kingdom and the Gulf for 25 years (voluntary initiatives free of charge).

- A source of our happiness is providing special services for the people with special needs, the blind and the orphans throughout the year.

- We are eager to sponsor social events and support the Quran memorization centers, the neighborhood programs and the cultural competitions.

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30 years in the Tourism , Hospitality and Events Industry Service.